What is TIMUN?

The International Model United Nations (TIMUN) is a three day simulation on international relations through discussions of the global status quo, which closely parallels the United Nations and its proceedings. The conference held annually in Colombo, Sri Lanka, empowers young minds to develop vital skills in research, writing, speaking, negotiation and conflict resolution, as they step into the role of delegates for the countries they represent. At TIMUN, delegates gain in-depth insights into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of world leaders and international decision makers. TIMUN provides that ideal platform for young leaders to debate the most pressing issues of the day and to draft innovative and creative solutions.

True to the spirit of the United Nations, TIMUN endeavors to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on a range of complex issues, including international peace, security, and economic and social progress. We believe this experience will challenge delegates to think critically about policies and to drive change within their communities. Since its inception, TIMUN has strived to create a community of ambitious and talented delegates from all corners of Sri Lanka and the world, who feel passionately about the future of the Earth and recognize their power to mold it for the better.

Conference Theme

"Think Global, Act Local"

The basis of Model United Nations is to think globally; each student is assigned a country and has to simulate the immense global issues that one country cannot tackle alone, no matter how powerful or how regionally positioned it is. Often isolated in hotels or classrooms, we focus only on the committee room when we think about MUN conferences and, we approach policies and politics rather clinically; divorced from the emotional realities of the issues we debate on. However, topics related to gender equality or water management are just as pressing in the towns and cities where we hold our conferences as they are on an international scale.

We believe it is highly important that the youth engage in building a more sustainable world, which is why our theme for TIMUN V Session is “Think Global, Act Local”. The delegates are urged to ‘think Global but to act Local’, thereby encouraging the TIMUN delegates to go beyond drafting resolutions and to become agents of change in their communities.

This renewed emphasis on the community outside of the conference is part of what makes this year’s conference so special. The theme will permeate through all aspects of the conference. From the keynote speakers we bring in to talk to delegates, to the committee topics themselves, a great emphasis will be placed on promoting common ground among delegates and a worldview that considers the delicate balance between the local and the global.



Continuous Redefinition

Innovation beyond expectations

Unparalleled MUN experience

Over the past years, TIMUN witnessed the collective participation of over 350 students representing some of the distinguished schools and universities in Sri Lanka. Following the success of the last few years, we at TIMUN have taken up the challenge of reforming the MUN arena of Sri Lanka. TIMUN is all about redefinition. Hence the conference is colored by an enriching agenda composed of a memorable committee experience, an exceptional array of keynote speeches, an engaging crisis simulation and other vibrant events which unite to form an unparalleled MUN conference.

Growth Scope and Diversity

Growing beyond ordinary

A Complete learning experience

This year is one of growth for TIMUN. Not only will the conference be held for three days to allow a wholesome experience, it will also act as a true global MUN platform as we are striving for a participation of 100 international delegates from all parts of the world. Through this, we hope to globalize the Sri Lankan brand in the international MUN arena. Furthermore, TIMUN 2021 will feature new committees such as the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and a Special Committee.

Quality and Decorum Unparalleled

Quality and Decorum Unparalleled

A qualitative experience

Once in a lifetime exposure

The Executive Committee of TIMUN is carefully selected to include the most passionate and dedicated individuals. Months of thorough research and discussion are dedicated to the preparation of the material for the respective committees, resulting in well-organized, challenging and focused committees. TIMUN challenges its young leaders to confront pressing issues in the world, through sustained discussions, respectful debate and negotiation whilst maintaining the highest levels of decorum at all times. The conference is designed to foster negotiation and public speaking skills, introduce delegates to a range of global challenges and provide culturally diverse perspectives on a variety of issues.

Beyond and Conference

A responsible MUN experience

Working with communitees

TIMUN is driven by an educational mission of shedding light on the importance of collaborating the art of diplomacy and the value of leadership, with key skills such as knowledge on oratory. We provide participating delegates and their respective schools/universities with an individualized conference performance report. Such performance evaluations allow the participants to benchmark themselves, which will in turn help them with upcoming conferences and other MUN events.

Beyond the Conference