Secretary General Address

Dear Principals, Faculty Advisors, Parents and Students,

The International Model United Nations Conference (TIMUN), a game changing MUN platform which has come a long way from its humble beginnings, will be held for the fifth consecutive time from the 5th to the 7th February 2021. COVID-19 brought about a whole host of challenges that the TIMUN team did not foresee and taking into account the COVID 19 recovery agenda of the country as well as the well-being of our delegates, we had to make some changes to the dates and nature of the conference. However, we persevered and the unparalleled TIMUN experience has been made available to our beloved delegates despite all the challenges. TIMUN strives to empower youth through active discussions and collaborative exercises in a solution-oriented simulation of the United Nations where delegates get the opportunity to tackle real world issues. This gives young minds the rare opportunity to inculcate skills in research, writing, speaking, negotiation as well as learn about conflict resolution, peacebuilding and diplomacy. These skills are essential not only for professional or career development but also in day-to-day life. It is with the greatest pleasure we invite you to join the fifth session of TIMUN

Over the past four years TIMUN has had over 500 delegates from leading schools and universities in Sri Lanka but for this year’s conference we are taking it up a notch, as it will also be by reaching out to international delegates. TIMUN V Session will be all about innovation and We are expecting to host a virtual conference with 300 local and foreign delegates within 12 committees that are led by outstanding local and foreign chairpeople. We are keen on providing an international level experience for our delegates and we take humble pride in being able to project the Sri Lanka’s MUN brand to the international MUN arena.

As the saying goes, “We only regret chances that we don’t take”. We invite you to take a chance and be part of a unique MUN experience. We look forward to seeing you in February 2021!

Rashima De Silva
Secretary General,
TIMUN 2020/2021

Introduction to TIMUN

A platform for collaboration amongst students

A vision to provide a platform for collaboration amongst student and to work towards forming resolutions that would address current world issues.The central objectives of TIMUN are to revolutionize the MUN experience into an international level conference and to provide students of the region and the world an in-depth knowledge on global problems and an understanding of the causes of international conflict to allow students to form diplomacy and a global prospective.


The art of motivating people to act towards achieving a common goal


The art of speaking at a global arena eloquently and effectively


True, justified belief with certain understanding, as opposed to opinion

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Potential nations representing at TIMUN V Session

A world-class MUN conference that embodies the most innovative committee experience. TIMUN V Session will provide a virtual platform with state-of-the-art technology in hope of creating a safe space for delegates to cross national borders and resolve international conflicts.

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