Get ready for a unique MUN experience through OCULUSMUN Virtual Platform

TIMUN Online Training Webinars, organized by the Secretariat and Directors, will provide the delegates with information and material required to excel at the conference.

Preperation Material & Committee Background Guides compiled by the Secretariat and Committee Executives, will assist delegates to be better prepared for the conference.

Domestic Delegate Fees

School Registration Fee – LKR 3,500

Delegate fee – LKR 3,000

Private Delegate fee – LKR 3,000

International Delegate Fees

Delegate fee – USD 30

Please contact us at for more information regarding conference payments and country allocations.

Conference Schedule

  • Date : 5 February 2021

    Time : 10 AM IST

    Venue : OCULUSMUN Platform

  • Date : 6 February 2021

    Time : 10 AM IST

    Venue : OCULUSMUN Platform

  • Date : 7 February 2021

    Time : 10 AM IST

    Venue : OCULUSMUN Platform

Conference Portal

All Students and Faculty Advisors have access to their respective Student/FA Profiles via our Website.

All conference related matters are to take place via OCULUS once all applications are in.

Resources required for the conference; study guides and other material, will be available within the OCULUS Platform.

Conference Venue

OCULUS Platform OCULUS is a platform customized for MUN and other conferences, primarily focused on providing Delegates, Chairpersons and Faculty with a virtual experience like no other.

Conference Awards

Determination of individual awards presented at TIMUN is based on a holistic evaluation of delegate performance throughout the entirety of the conference. Speeches given, effort shown during unmoderated caucuses, work on all committee written documnets, and conduct both within and out of committee rooms, will be taken into consideration.

Best school/ institution award will not be presented.

Awards will be presented in both digital and printed formats.

Awards will not be presented for Foriegn Policy Statements, but points will be added to the score sheet. Therefore, submitting the FPS before the given date is important.

Award winners will be determined by the Secretariat and Committee Executives.

Award determinations are final.

Certificate of Advocacy will be presented by Habiat for Humanity.

Private delegates are eligible to recieve individual awards, but will not be taken into consideration for the delegation award. Those who represent schools will be eligible to recieve the delegtion award, as the primary focus of the award is to recognize and encourage schools to further grow within the MUN body.

Conference Reports

TIMUN Annual Report 2016

TIMUN Annual Report 2017

TIMUN Annual Report 2018

TIMUN Conference Report 2018

TIMUN Conference Report 2019

Ambassadors are entitled to receive individually assesed report sheets at the end of the conference.

Each Institution will receive a School Report separately.

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